DoNShOp Fine Art Prints, Photography, Paintings, Drawings and Mixed Media Art by DoN Brewer
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Philadelphia, PA, USA, Earth, Milky Way (outer ring)

Prints and photographs in DoNShOp are not limited edition, I have priced each piece as inexpensively as possible so that the images are accessable to as many other light beings as possible. If you would prefer to be the exclusive owner of a particular image, please contact DoN.

DoN has produced videos for weddings, funerals, belly dancing, art instruction, rock bands, artists interviews and documentaries. Contact DoN to document and commemorate your special event with video, photography, DVD and streaming video across the internet.

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light beings



light beings (Dora & Pablo), digital photograph, 2007.

Video of Bill Scott @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club - Absolutely Abstract 2007

Abstract artist Bill Scott discusses why the juror chose

"light beings (Dora & Pablo)" First Place in the Philadelphia Sketch Club's Absolutely Abstract 2007 exhibit.

Digital photograph from DoNs light being series, 30"x20", printed on photo paper.

Winner, First Prize, Absolutely Abstract, Philadelphia Sketch Club, 11/11/2007

One-person show of "light beings" @ The Beauty Shop Cafe.

Group show, "Enter Digital" @ Off the Wall Gallery, Dirty Franks Bar, Philadelphia PA

Group Show @ Da Vinci Art Alliance,"Photography2008", juried by Jon Naar

A 16 x 20 version submitted in NTPE4 (Newstoday Print Exchange Four), 2008- an exchange of prints with other artists and designers from social networking site -

Group show, ArtFirst @ University of Princeton Medical Center. Sold to a patron.

13" x 19" archival inkjet print, unframed, signed by DoN, $50.00 includes shipping.

Signed by DoN Brewer, framed by LeN $350.00 plus shipping - SOLD OUT! Thank you ArtFirst.


Digital photograph, 30" x 20". on photo paper

13" x 19" signed, numbered, unframed $50.00 includes shipping.

30" x 20", signed by DoN, framed by LeN, $350.00

DoN Brewer "Thanksgiving @ The Plastic Club Members Exhibition 2009

On display @ The Plastic Club's Members Exhibition, Spring 2009.

Cite de Pompidou
plein air digital tablet drawing, laptop computer, Paris, 2007

13" x 19" archival inkjet print, signed $100.00

20" x 30", framed by Len, signed by DoN Brewer $350.00 - SOLD!

light being (Nana & Dada)
Digital photograph, included in Absolutely Abstract art show at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, November 2007

20" x 30" on photo paper. $50.00

Signed by DoN Brewer, framed by LeN, $350.00 plus shipping.

light being (Dali)
Digital photograph on glossy photo paper

16" x 20", unframed, signed by DoN

archival inkjet print, $100.00

light being (Eliot)
Digital photograph, 30" x 20", custom framed by LeN.
Part of DoN Brewer''s light being series. $350.00 plus shipping

light being (J.R.R. Tolkien)
Digital photograph, 30" x 20", framed by LeN. Group Show, "Green Art", Philadelphia Plastic Club, Spring 2009.

$350.00 plus shipping (up to $100.)

light being (Bonnie)
light being (Bonnie)

Digital photograph from DoNs light being series.

Based on the concept that reflections are actually trans-dimensional beings revealing themselves briefly. Like a ghost-hunter, DoN has pursued these elusive apparitions, captured them in digital code and recreated their image via computer mediated production 30"x20", on high quality photo paper by Shutterfly.

13" x 19" archival inkjet print,unframed, $50.00 includes shipping.

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